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Regional Care Collaborative Organizations (RCCO)

What is a Regional Care Collaborative Organization (RCCO)?

The State of Colorado is broken up into seven different regions. Each region is connected with an organization that was awarded a contract to facilitate the administration of the ACC.

Regional Care Collaborative Organization Map

Specifically, each RCCO is responsible for helping Medicaid members:

  • Choose a Primary Care Medical Provider (PCMP)
  • Coordinate their health and wellness needs through care management and through the utilization of the Medical Home Model
  • Connect with local community and social services
  • Communicate with their PCMPs (and help PCMPs and other services communicate with each other)
  • Facilitate key transitions from the hospital to home, from the hospital to a nursing facility, from a nursing facility to home, and from children’s health services to adult health services.

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing maintains responsibility for:

  • Administering ACC Medicaid Benefits
  • Maintaining the ACC Specialist Network
  • Verifying program eligibility
  • Paying ACC claims via fee-for-service reimbursement


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