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Cross Systemic Care Coordination Conference

CSC3 Logo

June 17, 2015

Summit Conference & Event Center

411 Sable Blvd. N.
Aurora, CO 80011

8:00AM - 5:00PM

The CSC3: Cross-Systemic Care Coordination Conference, has become an annual event after the first event’s success in 2014. The conference encourages cross-system education for organizations involved (in some way) with the coordination of care for enrollees of Colorado Medicaid’s Accountable Care Collaborative program.

This year, we have basic tracks and advanced skill building tracks that focus on either children and youth, or adults and elders. Main presentations include: The Future of Medicaid, The New Medicaid (MMIS) Vendor, Life Cycle Transitions, and Right Care, Right Time, Right Place. In addition to these presentations, there will also be 12 breakout sessions.

The event is free to participants. Attendance will be capped between 150-200 attendees, so sign up now. The event is intended to fill a gap in cross-system education, and to encourage the further development of collaboration between our respective systems. CSC3 is a community-driven event.

Registration for this year's event is now closed!

Please check back and join us for next year's Cross Systemic Care Coordination Conference.

Conference Documents

Conference Presentations

Opening and Welcome

Welcome, The new era of collaboration between systems

Main Session 1

The Future Vision for Medicaid

Breakout Session 1

Behavioral Health Organizations with spotlight on the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Outpatient Benefit

Colorado Opportunity Project

Data Driven Care Management

Advanced EPSDT

Breakout Session 2

Self-Management Programs, COAW

Healthy Communities, RCCOs, and the Health Care Program for Children, Best Practices in Collaboration

Motivational Interviewing 101

Integrating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into Care Management

Roundtable 1

Lunch Presentation – Right Care, Right Time, Right Place

Breakout Session 3

Crisis Services Line, with Adult, Children & Youth Focus

10) ADA 101

Applying Motivational Interviewing

Behavioral Health Intervention and De-escalation

Main Session 2

The new Medicaid system vendor - What new developments/systems will look like for Medicaid (for Clients, Providers, ASOs)

Roundtable 2

Life Cycle Transitions: Early Childhood into Programs Transitions

Life Cycle Transitions: Adolescent to Adult Transitions

Life Cycle Transitions: Adult to Elderly Transitions

Life Cycle Transitions: Elderly to Hospice Transitions

Survey & Raffle

Networking & Close

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